Monthly Archives: April 2016

My Disney collection: Funko Pops

I thought it might be interesting to start sharing some of my own personal Disney collections, hopefully some of you reading may have similar interests or collections, and if not o may introduce you to something new!  The first part of my collection I wanted to share is my Funko pops, these are a range […]

Pin trading – April 2016

If you visit the Disney parks often you may be aware of the world of pin trading, where collectors buy and swap pin badges at Disney parks that depict their favourite rides, hotels and characters. It’s very popular and can become time consuming and costly, and this is in part due to the release of […]

Walt Disney Studios Park – Time for a change?

It’s recently celebrated it’s 14th birthday on March 16th, having opened in 2002, 10 years after the main Disney park. It is instantly recognizable by its trademark earful tower which you can see from far away as you approach the park, the studios park is the home of film and boasts popular attractions like the […]