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Disneyland Paris trip report May 2016 -Day two

Welcome back! Following on from my Day One trip report its now time to update you on our day 2 adventures, this was our first full day in the park on this trip and I had some special surprises booked for sprog so lets jump in. We got up early ready for our first full […]

Disneyland Paris Trip Report May 2016 – Day One

Hello folks! Apologies for the lack of content over the last few weeks, for those of you that follow me on twitter, you will know I’ve recently got back from a 5 day stay in Disneyland Paris! The good news is this means I have plenty to tell you all about, and this will be […]

Disney Lego mini fig series 1

They’ve only officially been out in the UK for 2 days and they’re already creating a massive buzz in the Disney community. Lego have teamed up with Disney to create the first Disney minifigure series.  In total the series has 18 minifigures, they are sold in blind bags at £2.50 each and are currently available […]