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Disneyland Paris Trip Report – September 2017 Day 1

Hi Guys! I’m back again, trying to keep on a roll with these write ups before i start to forget everything that happened (if that’s even possible on such a memorable trip?!). It was a real whirlwind 5 days and I still can’t quite believe how lucky we were and that some of the things […]

Run Disney Paris 2017 – I did it!

Hey guys! So I’m back from Disneyland Paris, and to try and avoid the Disney blues setting in just yet, I’ve decided to dive head first into writing up memories of my trip, i’ll hopefully have a few posts coming up over the next few weeks to take you through everything that happened and I […]

Disney Parks Haul – August 2017

Hey guys! Following on from my trip reports from my August trip, I wanted to share the bulk of my purchases with you guys, given most of them came from one shop there’s quite a theme here so I hope at least some of you like it. Disney pin trading is something I’ve only recently […]

Disneyland Paris trip report – August 2017 Day 2

Hey Guys, Thanks for sticking with me, I swear it was the shortest DLP trip ever but its just taken me the longest amount of time to actually get everything down in writing! If like me you’ve kinda forgotten what happened on Day One, feel free to go back and catch up. Day 2 started […]